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8th Dutch Bio-Medical Engineering Conference

Friday, January 29, 2021

During the whole conference you can go to the Spatial Chat room for real-life social interactions with your colleagues from other institutes and universities

Room 1: Mayra BittencourtRoom 2: Nick EleveldRoom 3: Marion van den BoerRoom 4: Gemma van der Windt

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Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
11:30   The open IEEE EMBS Chapter meeting will take place in the Spacial Chat
Chair: Massimo Mischi

 You can join the IEEE EMBS meeting in the Spacial Chat

12:15   The IEEE paper award ceremony will take place in the Spatial Chat
Chair: Massimo Mischi
You can join the IEEE award ceremony in the Spatial Chat

12:30   Rehabilitation - II
Chair: Kenneth Meijer
12:30   Heart - III
Chair: Bart Verkerke
12:30   Spine
Chair: Chris Baten
12:30   Pregnancy & Neonates
Chair: Rik Vullings
13:30   BREAK
13:40   Lung & Respiration - II
Chair: Natasha Maurits
13:40   Vascular - III
Chair: Jolanda Wentzel
13:40   Pain
Chair: Esther Tanck
13:40   Brain - III
Chair: Elisabeth Wilhelm
14:40   BREAK
14:45   Keynote by Prof. Luca Mainardi (Politecnico di Milano)
Chair: Massimo Mischi
15:15   BREAK
15:20   Heart - IV
Chair: Peter Veltink
15:20   Muscle
Chair: Joris Jaspers
15:20   Oncology - II
Chair: Theo van Walsum
16:20   BREAK
16:30   Implants
Chair: Antoine Nonclercq
16:30   Sports
Chair: Chris Baten
16:30   Man-machine interfacing
Chair: Ying Wang
16:30   Eye
Chair: John van Opstal
17:30   Closure by the conference chair Prof. Natasha Maurits